1. Deposit in a Bank Account.
Pay for your order in one of the following accounts of the Banks we work with:
No. Account: 5754-073-266-419
IBAN: GR5701727540005754073266419
Beneficiary: Moudatsakis Charidimos

No. Account: 866 / 400255-56
IBAN: GR6401108660000086640025556
Beneficiary: Moudatsakis Charidimos

No. Account: 788-002101-133697
IBAN: GR4801407880788002101133697
Beneficiary: Moudatsakis Charidimos

After the deposit, you need to send the deposit by email to, or contact us at Tel. 2810 262042
In case the deposit is not made after 4 days from the date of the order, your orders will be canceled!
Thank you.

2. Payment via PayPal.
Payment with PayPal is made under the strict terms of transactions imposed by PayPal.
* this method of Paypal does not charge the customer per transaction.

3. Payment by COD.
You pay the Courier when you receive your parcel.
* the method of cash on delivery is charged with the lump sum of 2 €
** the above may be modified in special offers always for the benefit of the customer / user.

4. Payment in our store!

In any case, the consistent operation of our online store guarantees the security of your transactions.

The Company has the products through its website with the relevant manufacturers’ guarantees, where they exist. In case a product shows a defect which is covered by warranty, the shipment of the product for repair to the headquarters of our company, or to the respective dealership, as well as its receipt after repair, will be made at the expense of the customer.

In case of return of the products, and provided that the products have been previously received and checked by, the refund to the customer will be made by canceling the debit of the credit card, (if the payment has been made by credit card) or by depositing cash in the customer’s bank account (if the payment has been made by depositing cash in a bank account or cash on delivery) or electronically via Paypal.

In case an advance has been given, by any method of payment, for an order that contains “special order” products such as e.g. mattresses of special dimensions, there will be no right of withdrawal.

Other returns will not be accepted.